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It’s always an honour to have our work and research extend beyond the lab. Read on to see some of the latest news from our lab.

American Journal of Managed Care

Dr. Rob Nolan Explains Behavioural Principles Behind eCounselling Hypertension Program

"The REACH trial of an eCounselling program to reduce hypertension was effective because it encouraged patients to see themselves as an active member of the team."

Diagnostic and Interventional Cardiology

Online Lifestyle Intervention Leads to 10-point Drop in Systolic Blood Pressure

"The electronic counselling (e-Counselling) intervention had an effect similar to that of adding an additional blood-pressure-lowering medication. We think this lifestyle counselling intervention can complement and optimize the effectiveness of medical therapy to reduce high blood pressure."

Toronto Star

E-counselling helps keep patients on track

"PMCC’s web-based e-counselling program has proved successful in helping heart failure patients live from day to day in the best health possible.


One study participant, Geoff Elliot, 69, was depressed when he left the hospital knowing he had to make some serious adjustments to his lifestyle. But since he began using the e-counselling program in June, Elliot credits it with motivating him to make major changes such as walking four kilometres three times a week, and eating more vegetables and fruit instead of his former diet of doughnuts, french fries and pepperoni pizza."

European Society of Cardiology

REACH Trial: e-Counseling for Self-Care Adherence Adds Therapeutic Benefit for Hypertension

The Globe and Mail

A breakthrough in lowering systolic blood pressure

"For patients with hypertension, short-term changes aren't good enough. If high blood pressure is not treated with a better diet, more physical activity, smoke-free living and taking medications as prescribed, then it could lead to a stroke or a heart attack. The best way to beat the problem is through meaningful change."

American Journal of Managed Care

Dr. Rob Nolan on the Future Directions of eCounseling Research

"We have a parallel study going in the area of heart failure, and the research design is very similar. We’ve been able, though, to really significantly update our e-platform."

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