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Cardiac eHealth offers 2 types of services to individuals and their families to better manage their health and quality of life. 

Self-help e-Services



Making lifestyle changes can be difficult, and even harder to maintain over time. We want to help you make this process as easy and convenient for you as possible.


Using our expertise in behavioral counseling, we have developed Internet-based programs that will:  


  • assess your readiness for lifestyle change and identify your starting point for your behavior change plan


  • provide skills training to:

    • help you feel ready and confident about your plan for behavior change

    • give you the ability to maintain lifestyle change

    • reduce your stress

    • improve your quality of life 

Clinic-based Services


Our experts can provide in-person services at our Cardiac eHealth clinic to help you develop your lifestyle change plan and carry it out.


We can:


  • help you understand your individual needs and concerns when looking to make changes in your lifestyle


  • provide evidence-based support and personalized counseling as you work to improve your quality of life

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