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Our Team

The team members at Cardiac eHealth are made up of experienced and dedicated individuals from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds. We take pride in the diversity of our staff, with each member contributing their unique skills to the projects we are working on. Meet them below.


Dr. Rob Nolan

Director, Cardiac eHealth

Dr. Nolan is a Clinical Psychologist and Director of the Behavioural Cardiology Research Unit at the University Health Network in Toronto, Canada. He received his MA in Psychology from the New School for Social Research in New York, and his PhD from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He also completed a post-doctoral fellowship on cardiovascular reactivity to stress with the Departments of Psychology and Cardiology at the Ottawa Hospital (General Site), in Ottawa, Canada.


Dr. Nolan has been at the University Health Network in Toronto since 1999. He holds appointments as Senior Scientist at the Toronto General Research Institute, and as Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Institute of Medical Sciences at the University of Toronto.


His clinical research includes cognitive-behavioural influences on heart rate variability and baroreflex sensitivity with the use of biofeedback. More recently, his research has concentrated on an evidence-based protocol of automated digital counselling to promote health, quality of life, and social support for individuals at elevated risk for cardiovascular disease, or who are diagnosed with chronic heart failure, hypertension, or chronic kidney disease.


Lab Alumni

Research Coordinators

Julia Wong

Jelena Surikova

Kelly Min

Adriana Mechetiuc

Rhoda Ortiz

Susan Barry-Bianchi

Arooj Khan

Research Assistants

Grace Yang

Nicolette Stogios

Jackie Bermudez

Miguel Rivera

Independent Research

Shreya Jha

Pavan Gill

Samir Durrani

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Rika Tanaka (Clinical)

Trevor Hart (Clinical)

Adrienne Kovacs (Clinical)

Ada Payne

PhD Students

Sophie Macrodimitris

Kim Corace

Sam Liu

Lephuong Ong

MSc Students

Rachel Peiris

Fatima Syed

Hazel Lynn, MD

Bhagwanpreet Kaur

Kim Tremblay

Clinical Students

Debra Rotondi-Trevisan

Kaley Roosen

Lisa Vitesse

Student Volunteers

Grace Armstrong

Jiesi Zhang

Elma Chowdhury

Kevin Xiao

Elaine Liu

Cristy Liang

Andrea Ng

Mahtab Asadabadi, MD

Saadat Torabian, MD

Nazia Siddiqui

Arian Ravaei, MD

Firass Georgie, MD

Tiadora Mechetiuc

Lazar Joksimovic

Jessica Vasanthan

Thushara Vigneswaran

Nadia Warsi

Christine Bae

Nikolai Slepov

Rachel Lin

Jack Guan

Sonja Zdjelaric

Aroon Savaji

Carol Yip

Michael Tung


Ryan Chiu

Carly Spragg

Arnie Raima

Kevin Yu

Cathy Lu

Alan Lee

Fraser Amos

Lucas Cohen

Liban Ahmed

Marc Shenouda

Mehrnaz Samet

Arnie Raima

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